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Unlock the Benefits of the Green Homes Loan Program

The Canada Greener Homes Loan program provides interest free loans of up to $40,000, repayable over 10 years, to Canadians for retrofits that turn their homes greener.

This low-cost financing option for home retrofits results in energy cost savings for Canadians that can then be used to help repay the loan over a 10-year time-period. In order to qualify for the Greener Homes Loan program, a mandatory pre and post retrofit evaluation by an energy auditor has and will continue to be a requirement under the program.

Over 62,000 loan applications received with an average eligible amount of over $24,000.
Eligible Retrofits
  • Home Insulation
  • Air Sealing
  • Thermostat
  • Space and Water Heating
  • Renewable Energy
  • Resiliency Measures

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Loan Details
  • Maximum: $40,000
  • Minimum: $5,000
  • Repayment Term: 10 years, interest-free
  • Loan Type: Unsecured personal loan on approved credit

A maximum of one loan is available per eligible property and homeowner.

The maximum eligible loan amount is calculated based on the retrofits selected in the application and the quotes for this work. The eligible amount is capped based on industry standards and market norms. The maximum eligible loan amount may be less than your quoted cost, in which case you will be responsible for funding any difference.

How Does the Greeener Home Loan Program Work?

Qualifying and Applying

To participate in the Greener Home Loan program, you’ll start by getting a home energy evaluation from an authorized provider. This assessment pinpoints areas where your home’s energy efficiency can be boosted. After the assessment, you can apply for a loan to cover the cost of the suggested upgrades.

About the Loan

The program offers loans up to $40,000 per household, covering a wide array of energy-saving improvements. These can range from upgrading your heating and cooling systems to adding solar panels, enhancing insulation, or replacing windows and doors. The loan terms are designed with homeowners in mind, featuring low interest rates and flexible repayment options.

Making your Home Greener

Once approved for the loan, you can begin making the recommended upgrades. These enhancements not only improve your home’s comfort and value but also lead to significant energy savings. Popular upgrades include high-efficiency HVAC systems, insulation upgrades, and renewable energy solutions like solar panels.

Follow Up Assessment

When the upgrades are finished, another energy assessment is conducted to confirm they meet the program’s requirements. This assessment verifies that the upgrades were correctly installed and are achieving the expected energy savings.

Repayment Made Easy

Loan repayment starts after the upgrades are complete. With flexible terms extending up to 10 years interest-free, you can manage your payments comfortably while enjoying the benefits of a more energy-efficient home.

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