The Benefits Of Having A High-Efficiency Furnace

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Reduced Utility Bills

High-efficiency furnaces are beneficial for a variety of factors. Although high-efficiency furnaces initially cost more, you will see significant utility bill savings and an improvement in your home’s comfort.

A condensing furnace is a common name for a high-efficiency gas furnace. This heating system, unlike conventional furnaces, employs a second heat exchanger to catch additional heating energy before the furnace exhausts gases and this extra heat outdoors via PVC pipes.

At Home Comfort

A high-efficiency gas furnace is made to provide comforting heat in all types of weather and in areas with extreme cold. Two heat exchangers, a sealed combustion chamber, and a variable-speed blower are often features of the most efficient gas furnaces. The furnace can run at a reduced speed when necessary and give more useable heat at steadier temperatures rather than beginning on high all the time. Additionally, it will use less natural gas as a result.

Environmentally Friendly

When it comes to heating your home, high-efficiency furnaces are a green option. They have a greater energy efficiency rating, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions while saving on the cost of natural gas fuel.

Higher Efficiency

A 95 percent furnace will function more effectively than an 80 percent furnace. An additional 15% of the heat generated during combustion is used to heat the home in comparison to the conventional unit. That’s advantageous.

Lower energy costs and a milder effect on the environment are two benefits of improved furnace efficiency. A high-efficiency furnace offers more advantages than just cheaper costs and a smaller environmental impact.

Why is this so beneficial? Because you don’t want your furnace using the surrounding air for combustion in a sealed, unvented attic or crawlspace.

Compatible with Smart Thermostats

The majority of households utilize programmable thermostats for their gas furnaces, yet they are unable to operate them. You won’t need to worry about maintaining an energy-efficient temperature in your home if you have a smart thermostat. Your thermostat will memorize your preferred temperature settings and reduce energy use by your higher-efficiency gas furnace.